Little Tree Hunt at Big Tree Plantation

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I sit amid the twinkling lights and reflect on all we have accomplished this past weekend. It wasn’t laundry, dishes, or cleaning (which to be fair, was ALSO on my list!). Rather, we ended this weekend with a beautiful (albeit) small tree, full bellies and minds, and enriched spirits.

Little tree hunt at Big Tree Plantation

The weather on Saturday was simply perfect for heading to Big Tree Plantation in Morrow, Ohio to find and cut down our very own Christmas tree.  This was the first year the kiddos have been old (and healthy!) enough to go stomping through a vast field of trees to find the perfect one for our family. They have trees of all sizes and types and if cutting down your own isn’t your thing, they have plenty of already cut trees for you to choose from. We loaded the whole crew up in the truck and headed out.

When we arrived at Big Tree Plantation I outfitted the kids in their snow boots and off we went.  They had a whole line up of activities for kids- for $6 they could make a craft, decorate a cookie, and have a visit with a very “authentic looking” Santa (this was truly my kiddos favorite part!). This was actually my kids first real “Santa” experience and it couldn’t have gone better! Santa was wonderfully patient and gentle with my shy kiddos, he didn’t rush them, and gave each one his full attention.

IMG_2356      With our hearts’ desires laid out for Santa, we headed to our tractor ride out to the field in search of the perfect tree. It was a little muddy due to the warmer than usual weather, so I was grateful that I had packed the boots.  

It is tradition in our family to take turns each year picking the family tree. This year, it was E.’s turn to pick. After several attempts to steer her to “my” idea of the perfect tree, it was clear that her heart was set on this one (despite so many tall “perfect” options available). IMG_2400 (1) The hubby got it swiftly cut down and Big Christmas Tree Plantation had it wrapped up and ready to go home with us by the time we made it back.  

        Once home, it was easily set up. Being a little on the short side, we placed it on a table, waited over night,and it was ready to decorate the next morning.  All in all, it was a great experience for our family and I would highly recommend taking the time to make every single day a Sunday. IMG_2509

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