Easy Ideas for Family Time

Easy Ideas for Family Time

What makes a Sunday so special? Is it the relaxed atmosphere? Is it the fun, family memories that are made? Why do we spend our lives waiting for the weekend to make life’s most precious memories? My challenge to you is about making each day together special. It is about making memories TODAY and not waiting until the weekend to really enjoy being together. But family time doesn’t have to be hard.

Easy family time ideas

Here are some small things that you can do to really live each day of the week, not just the weekends.

  • Family Game Night:

    No time like the present to start this age old tradition. With great old school games like “Don’t Break the Ice” or “Jenga” more affordable than ever, you are sure to find one everybody will love.

  • Everybody is a Cook:

    Designate a night where each member is responsible for planning and carrying out one part of the meal. These jobs can be age specific and can include everything from appetizers to desserts and decorations. Also, don’t forget to pull that fine china out of the closet! Every day is a gift from God, don’t be afraid to celebrate it!

  • Create-A-Thing Night:

    Use markers, playdoh, paints, Legos, you name it. Anything goes on Create-A-Thing night!

  • Talent Night:

    Divide off into pairs or trios and see who can come up with the best(wackiest!) talent in town.

  • 30 Minutes to Fit:

    Take turns each week leading something active:indoor bowling,dance party,yoga,scavenger hunt. Be creative, anything that involves movement is good!

You don’t have to go crazy with these. They don’t require extra planning or anything extra that you don’t already have lying around. The important thing to remember is to take some time every day to put aside the electronics, homework, and extracurricular activities to build those family bonds that will last a lifetime. Don’t wait for the weekends! Give it a try and I promise your family will make memories to last a lifetime.


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  1. December 13, 2015 / 7:26 am

    I agree with you, we don’t have to wait for the weekend to enjoy being together. We should make everyday the most out of it. I know that the weekdays are so busy spending most of our lives with work but those ideas you share is good enough to make each day special. Nice blog you have here.

    Aubrey | http://inmyhappypill.blogspot.com

    • Leanne
      December 15, 2015 / 8:21 pm

      Hey Aubrey,
      Sorry I didn’t get back sooner- your comment somehow went to “spam”. I still haven’t tinkered with that part enough yet I guess. (So NOT my favorite part of this blogging adventure!).
      Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you enjoyed my sentiment and ideas. I’m going to hop over and check yours out!

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